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 Elite Crown System
Shadow Line - Adds depth to the molding while replicating the look of authentic wood trim
  • Patent Pending Vent Strip is our most popular Crown System Installed. Can be installed on overhangs ranging from 10 to 16 in width.
Siding Starter - It has a reverse nailing flange with a water tight channel. This channel allows for a clean finish to your siding application whether it is Vinyl Siding or Hardie Plank, thus, eliminates the cost for additional wood framing or trim done with usual siding applications. Optional Continuous Lighting - Is virtually invisible in the daytime while giving even accent lighting at night
Stone Starter - It is easily installed before the stone, giving you that smooth surface for stone to finish into and a nice shadow line to make the crown application more appealing. Stucco Starter - Has nailing flange that gives extra water protection while eliminating the cost for additional wood framing.

Elite Crown System Main Advantages:

Hidden Vent - Conceals unsightly ventilation holes, giving a clean, sleek look.
Water Catch - Traps any water that may get behind the fascia board from the rain gutters or roof area and discharges the water at the ventilation holes. This will eliminate any chance for water damage
Drip Lip - Allows Dirty Water to drip off molding rather than running down and staining the exterior wall


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